All of my adapters fit the most common type of UK/European IBC thread on the outlet pipe (after the valve), which is known by any of the following names/details :
  • S60x6 Thread
  • 60mm - Buttress/Coarse Thread
  • Schutz Brand IBC (Buttress/Coarse thread - NOT FINE Thread - See below)
  • DIN61 or DIN 6131 Thread
  • 2" or 50mm with a coarse thread. (This is easily confusing, if you measure thread peak to thread peak then it is 2.5" or 60mm. If you were to measure the ID or bore (Internal Diameter) it is 48 - 50mm, which is where the 2" comes from. They are both the same IBC outlet, the common type, just measured differently).
The Outlet/IBC thread has the following dimensions
  • Thread Diameter =60mm (D1)
  • Thread Pitch = 4mm (P1)
  • Thread Root = 54mm
  • Threads on IBC outlet = 2 - 3 (There are 4 threads per inch, but outlet pipe is less than 1", hence 2 - 3 threads)
Which will look like the picture below

IBC S60X6 Thread

The only other type you are likely to encounter is a larger size known as either S80 (3" Bore) or S100 (4" bore), OR where a CAM LOCK fitting is either present (no threads), or has been removed. These camlocks are often found on Schutz Brand IBC's and where there is a FINE pitch thread on the end, or instead of the camlock (2" IBC bore, 58mm Edge to Edge thread, but LOTS of thread turns per inch, like 5 - 7 threads, like a plumbers pipe thread).  This adapter does not fit those sizes/types, BUT I will be listing these in my ebay shop for sale in the near future.